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Lighting systems for living rooms and bedrooms

Lighting that can be adjusted according to your mood..

Lighting systems for hallways and utility rooms

Anything is possible regardless of the room sizes

Lighting systems for bathrooms

Safety and comfort..

Lighting systems for kitchens and dining rooms

Convenient controls and correct color reproduction

We made

bathroom 02

Bathroom Lighting

In addition to the aesthetic component, due to the high humidity bathrooms have additional electrical safety requirements. This is why we use systems with an operating voltage up to 36 volts which are isolated from the mains.

living 05

Living room and bedroom lighting

It is important to split living rooms and bedrooms into zones, which enables you to illuminate the whole space as well as its separate zones, such as your workspace.

kitchen 003

Kitchen lighting

In the kitchen the amount of light is as important as its temperature to ensure colors are reproduced correctly. This is why we are especially careful when choosing materials and equipment for your kitchen.

lobby 09

Lobby lighting

There are no specific requirements for hallway lighting and the design is only limited by your desires and imagination.

FOTO «Light + Building 2016»